Win $5000, and make eCollege better! Also, Internships are available.

Student Coding Contest. Ideas are due by October 15.

This actually may be more interesting than I originally thought. For example, there is a dictionary API that allows you to search and interact with several dictionaries, and they look pretty powerful. Same for the Financial Times API. Take a minute to click on one of the Pearson Content API’s, scroll down a bit and then click on one of the “Get” boxes. Enter a search, and check out the response.


ACM Distinguished Speakers Program

As an ACM student chapter, we have access to an impressive ArrayList of speakers. See this site:  and see if there are any speakers / presentations that we would be particularly interested in. Bring it up at the next computer club meeting, and we can see about making arrangements. Note that ACM will help pay for travel costs.

Some Research Opportunities — Learn New Things!

1. Dr. Mirus (Philosophy) has an interesting project, and needs a Javascript programmer to help him put his commentary on Augustine online in a new and interesting way. If you have some Javascript skills (even just a bit) and would like to learn more let me, or Dr. Mirus, know.

2. We started an interesting computer vision project this summer, and there is much more to be done. If you would like to learn computer vision techniques and help carry this Java-based project forward, let me know.

3. Someone outside the university is looking for interns, pay based on how much you know vs. how much you will be learning. He writes: “Languages will/may include (as needed): C++, Python, PHP, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, and others.” Hopefully he will be able to come to a meeting and describe these opportunities better.

Eclipse, Kepler version, on your Ubuntu desktop

(This is a post from Brian McCutchon.)
All of the computers in the lab have Eclipse Kepler installed on them. Unfortunately, it is not installed in a convenient way. This can be fixed by running the following command from the terminal:
cp /home/share/vision2014/eclipse.desktop ~/Desktop/
This will copy the eclipse.desktop file to your desktop. It adds a desktop icon for Eclipse Kepler. If you want to also add Kepler to your launcher, do the following: 
  1. Right-click on Eclipse in the launcher and select “Unlock from Launcher.” This removes the old Eclipse. It may not be necessary for you if you have not added Eclipse to your launcher.
  2. Open Eclipse Kepler from its icon on the desktop.
  3. In the launcher, right-click Eclipse Kepler and select “Lock to Launcher.”
Warning: Do not remove the desktop icon. If you do, the Launcher icon will also be removed.
For those who are interested, here is the source of eclipse.desktop:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Eclipse Kepler

It is an Ubuntu desktop file.