3D Engine for Geometry

Our project is up on the GitHub. Please follow these steps to import it into Eclipse:

1. Within Eclipse go to File -> Import
2. Select “Projects from Git” under the “Git” folder and click Next.
3. Select “URI” for the location, click Next
4. Use this location:  https://github.com/CSUDallas/Geometry2014.git  (Copy-and-paste that location into the appropriate box within Eclipse. You don’t need to click on the link…) There is no need to enter a username or password at this time. Click Next.
5. On the next screen, select the “master” branch, and click Next
6. Select a place to save your project. Probably the default is fine. Click Next.
7. After it finishes reading our project, select the “Import existing projects” wizard, and click Next.
8. Select the “Geometry2014” project, and click Finish.

That should do it. Depending on your Eclipse settings, you may need to select a JRE System Library within Eclipse. To do this, within Eclipse, select Project -> Properties to bring up the Properties page. In the left margin select “Java Build Path.” And within the “Order and Export” tab, select the JRE that you wish to use, and click OK. Then everything will work perfectly.

The Arena class has the main method that launches the 3D engine. Run “Arena” as a Java application to see the world.


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