Summer 2017 Internships with the Department of Homeland Security

Applications are due by December 7.


Internships at UnitedHealth

A UD student’s father has invited us to advertise internship availability at UnitedHealth. See the link below. Please see me or Dr. Andrews if you would like to personalize your internship application. Applications are due during roughly the next three weeks.

Summer Research and Internship Opportunities

Microsoft Explore, for Freshmen and Sophomores

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). Many Opportunities. Apply now!

Internship Opportunities in the Dallas area. (Not vetted.)

In general, look around for internships at companies at a place you’d like to be this summer, for internship opportunities. I’m glad to help you contact the organization and apply.

Start-up Opportunity for the Brave and Clever

Note from Christine Antolin, CEO of Vitality on Track:

I am the CEO of Vitality On Track, Inc., an innovative health and wellness company. My background is in the healthcare field as an occupational therapist with 20 plus years of experience. Besides speaking and coaching to help people conquer their health challenges and regain their vitality, I have created a personal health and wellness self-tracking system, the iVitality Tracker. Currently, the iVitality Tracker is in a Google docs version. A major part of our strategic plan is to have it converted into an electronic version that is compatible across multiple platforms, ie- laptop, tablets, android and i-phone, compile and analyze data etc..

I am looking for assistance in two different areas of Vitality On Track, Inc. First, I am looking for someone who is innovative, talented and honest to do the secure software conversion and ideally grow with the company as we do future more advanced versions, as well as a child’s version and more that is laid out in our strategic business plan.

Secondly, is to have someone who has a business expertise background. This person would be assisting with the day to day business operations of the company. Again, ideally to become a part of the team on a long term basis if it proves to be a good fit with opportunities for advancement.

I realize that often as a student funds are tight. However, as a start-up company our financial resources are limited at this time. My husband and I have put a great deal of our own financial equity and sweat equity into Vitality On Track. This project position is best suited for someone who is willing to make sacrifices now in order to have the possibilities of a greater return in their future and has a desire to be a part of a greater cause; helping people manage their health and wellness.

My life mission is to do all I do for the glory of God, this includes within this business as well. I am very excited to explore with persons of University of Dallas the possibilities of joining the Vitality On Track, Inc. team to help people maximize their health and vitality so they can focus on doing what they love and with those they love.

Thank you for your willingness to share this opportunity with your students and the other University of Dallas professors. For those who would like more information regarding this project please have them contact me at my Office: (817)394-4006 or my Cell: (817)307-1567 or


Christine Antolin

Christine Antolin, CEO
Vitality On Track, Inc.
5725 Champion Court
Arlington, TX 76017
Office: (817)394-4006
Cell: (817)307-1567